As we finish the month of July, we are excited for the progress made this week. For months, we have been building components, prototypes and doing design work. Finally, in the last 2 weeks we are starting to see real progress on a breathing product.

We are doing work on both the desktop (MangoOne) and our new Mango One Mobile (affectionately called MOM!) Here are highlights from the progress we made this week:

Mango One Desktop

  1. More integration of Mango Mapping into the desktop. Specifically, the function to show the 10 closest customers to any given stop.
  2. Testing – we have added to our testing team so we can focus our grueling testing efforts on all functions of the desktop.  

Mango One Mobile

  1. Pushing ahead with all our design efforts for the new iOS and Android mobile software. We are taking the very best from our current Version 8 RMA functionality to add it to the new tool.
  2. Coding is exploding on the mobile app. We have front end, back end, database and other programmers that are pushing the limits with the new tool. This is the product you will see by the end of the year. No more prototypes or concept designs. This is the real thing. Check out our 45 second video at the end of the blog.

Thank you for following our progress. Each week the pace quickens, and we get more done. Stay with us and enjoy the journey. We are having a lot of fun and want to share this with you!

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