A bunch of cool stuff has been going on that we want to share with you:

  1. We have spent hundreds of hours testing and making bug reports. At one point we had over 150 unresolved bugs – most of which have been sorted and eliminated.
  2. Most of the functionality for checking out and checking in has been completed.
  3. We have completed testing with over two dozen printers. They do require Bluetooth BLE for Apple iOS. Android devices can use traditional Bluetooth. We will get a list out shortly of what we have tested and what you can expect to work.
  4. We secured registration of MangoOne ® with the US Patent and trade office! Took a year and half – but we did it.
  5. We are in the middle of an extended field test with MangoOne Mobile in the bottled water delivery industry to make sure we have it ready for the field.
  6. We are starting on more Propane items next month so it will soon be ready for that industry, too!

This week, we will get a more extended video created showing functionality in the new application!

Stay tuned, things are looking good for a release of Mango One for V8 RMA.

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